Our experienced team of engineers and construction professionals listens closely to our customers’ needs and manages every aspect of a project, from napkin sketches to the completed facility. We pride ourselves on innovative problem-solving and attention to detail while taking a practical, common-sense approach to every component of design and construction.


Adhering to closely managed timelines and synergies with our construction teams, our design services offer clients:

  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Increased accountability
  • Single source project delivery
  • Value-based project feedback system


Our expertise in planning and construction of terminal and bulk storage projects is applied to each new job. Our experience covers every imaginable application, including terminals and bulk storage for refined fuels, crude oil, ethanol and natural gas; marine marketing terminals; and rail facilities. Our work spans from initial construction to expansions, upgrades and retrofitting within existing facilities — often while facilities are in full operation.


Strobel Energy Group is the industry leader in configuration and build options for rail loading and unloading facilities. Our experience stretches across both manifest rail car and unit train facilities throughout North America. Each project is enhanced by strong relationships with Class 1 and various short line providers, from coast to coast. Our rail offerings are bolstered by our understanding of current environmentally friendly practices, including SPCC compliance; design options to vapor control “fugitive” product through design methods including vapor balance, vapor recovery units (VRUs) and vapor combustion units (VCUs) to meet strict regulatory requirements.

Storage Tanks

Strobel Energy Group provides tank construction, repair and maintenance to the petroleum, water and fertilizer industries. Our specific energy industry experience ensures our strict adherence to American Petroleum Institute standards and ASME code, providing peace of mind to our clients.

  • Cone bottom tanks
  • Cone roof tanks
  • Dome roof tanks
  • Internal floating roof tanks
  • Stand pipes
  • Open top floating roof tanks
  • Sloped/dished bottom tanks
  • Umbrella roof tanks

Load Racks

Strobel Energy Group offers customers the cleanest design and most organized loading rack options in the industry. Our experience combined with our attention to detail ensures each project hits the mark.

  • Straight loading
  • Sequential blending
  • Ratio blending
  • Truck unloading
  • Rail off-loading
  • Rail loading
  • Concrete design
  • SPCC design
  • Structural design
  • Pipe supports

Earthwork & Concrete

Strobel Energy Group provides a wide array of services, including self-performing civil earthwork. With a management team that has extensive experience in the engineering and surveying fields, we can also assist you with the feasibility and economics of your project. We perform building site grading, various demolitions and debris hauling, a lowboy fleet for your heavy hauling and the means to perform specialty work such as chemical soil stabilization.

Our work naturally flows from earthwork to concrete placement. From rebar to flatwork and the vertical placement of concrete, Strobel Energy Group specializes in finding customized solutions to challenging projects that require a well-conceived plan, both above ground and below.